1: Concierge Dentistry

We see one patient at a time and do not double or triple book our patients. Your time with us is very valuable and allocated only for you. From the moment you call us you will receive special and individual attention, and our front desk will verify all insurance benefits for you. When you visit our office, you will be greeted immediately and offered coffee or tea, and you will never wait more than 15 minutes. We will do a very thorough examination, taking the time to explain and educate on everything we are doing. One of us will go through your treatment plan with you and then assist you in scheduling your next appointment.

2: Safe Dentistry

We focus not only on the mouth, but on the health of the overall body and on rejuvenating you through safe dentistry. We use digital X-rays. We eliminate toxic dental materials. We use metal-free restorations. We use laser to eliminate bacteria. We provide a stress-free environment. We preserve tooth structure and only do necessary treatment. One patient at a time, no double booking.

3: Our Mission

Dr. Morshedi is a true believer of providing options to the patients and leaving the final decision to the individual. She is proud to provide pain-free dental care. She also likes to provide follow-up care to all her patients, works with the most qualified lab technicians and top of the line specialists to produce the best results for each individual.